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Nuclear Dome

Sastop Nuclear Power Plant
Sastop, Washington

Built in the town of Sastop, Washington near Olympia, the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant was a facility designed to house two 1250 megawatt pressurized water reactors. Construction of the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant began in 1977 and was halted in 1983 after a $961 million budget shortfall, leaving the plant 76% complete. The plant was maintained, ready for construction to be resumed, until 1994, when it was finally canceled. In 1995, a demolition plan was finalized that eventually turned the site into the Satsop Development Park. Listed among the top three office parks in Washington state for 2005 by Washington CEO Magazine the park offers office space with high-speed, redundant telecommunications links and dedicated utility infrastructure. Because of the controversy surrounding the construction and cancellation of the power plant, the facility is known locally as "whoops", a play on its official acronym, WPPSS (Washington Public Power Supply System).