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Ravenswood - 6

Ravenswood Hospital
Chicago, Il

In the summer of 2002, the Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center in Chicago was closed down and sold to a Chicago-based development group headed up by Alex Bernhardt and David Lehman. This historic hospital is located in the heart of the Ravenswood neighborhood. The hospital’s closure was a significant loss to the community and generated intense concern regarding the future redevelopment of this prominent 1.5 square block property.

The hospital has been veiled in controversy when it refused treatment to15-year-old boy, Christopher Sercye, who was shot in the abdomen just steps away from the hospital. His friends dragged him within a few yards of the ER, where he laid unaided for precious minutes as emergency room workers refused to treat him saying it was against policy to go outside. After about a half hour a frustrated police officer finally commandeered a wheelchair and brought the boy inside. Sadly, it was too late and the boy died minutes later of cardiac arrest.